Building Strategic Relationships

Rainmaker Growth Partner’s flagship service focuses on building your credibility, confidence, and trust with decision-makers. We guarantee we’ll represent your company professionally and confidentially.

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3-Phase Approach to Building  Strategic Relationships.

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Phase I – Strategic Planning:

In order to successfully grow long-term, we develop revenue capture strategies for you based on thorough research of customer buying patterns. This approach will align your organization strategy, marketing, and sales processes into an Integrated Revenue Capture Program.
✔ Research Market Opportunities
✔ Conduct Competitor Analyses
✔ Develop Strategic Marketing Plan

Phase II – Marketing Campaigns:

No capture strategy would be complete without a thorough review and enhancement of how you craft your content, distribute your message, and manage your public image. This is followed by the implementation of a strategic marketing campaign to increase your visibility.
✔ Craft Content
✔Craft Content
✔Distribute Message
✔ Manage Public Image

Phase III – Business Matchmaking:

Our flagship service entails identifying and matchmaking you with Agencies, Prime Contractors, Channel Partners, Joint Ventures, and Investors’ key decision makers who are buying what you are selling.
✔ Set Appointments
✔ Prepare for Meetings
✔ Follow-up with Decision Makers

Why use us for business matchmaking?

We only work with a select class of clients serving as their very own business recruiter, solely focused on introducing them to key decision makers who are buying what they are selling. Our clientele have no problem networking, they simply do not have the time, visibility or access to the caliber of decision makers they are looking to meet. By employing proven business matchmaking methodologies, we hand select the best of the best decison makers for our clients, allowing us to introduce them to key decision makers who can take their busienss to the next level.

Business is ALWAYS personal:

* Custom tailored search based on your criteria coupled with extensive research and strategic planning
* Leverage our access to and trust of the largest network of key decision makers
* We screen all potential introductions to ensure we only introduce you to someone who meets all of your agreed upon criteria

How long does it take?

Typically, it takes 3-9 months to implement our 3-phase approach. Our ongoing business matchmaking service is managed via a retainer program.

What results can I expect?

Our goal is to help you build relationships faster resulting in shorter sales cycles and increased profits.

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